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Smile Enhancement with Bonding or Veneers

If you feel unhappy with the way your teeth look, you can suffer a major blow to your self-esteem that can impact your overall confidence. Talk to a cosmetic dentist to find dental work that can boost your smile’s appearance and restore your pride in your teeth.

The dentist will employ an individualized approach to find the optimal treatment to achieve your smile aesthetic goals. Two options to improve the look of your teeth include teeth bonding and porcelain veneers.

They have the same purpose of boosting the look of your teeth but use different methods to do so. Read on to see how both of these cosmetic dental procedures will enhance the appearance of your smile though in different ways.

Smile Enhancement with Bonding or Veneers

Sculpt a Beautiful Smile with Teeth Bonding

Cosmetic tooth bonding refers to a type of dental procedure that uses tooth-colored composite resin. A dentist will prepare the surface of the teeth by etching into the enamel. This allows the resin to better adhere to the affected teeth.

Then the dentist applies the resin and sculpts it according to your specific smile aesthetic goals. The dentist then uses a special light to cure and harden it into place. The effects can last for three to ten years, though you can discuss touch-up options with your dentist if needed.

Make sure you follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions to ensure the dental work settles properly on your smile. Also, this can help you avoid staining your bonding.

Bonding can provide several versatile ways to enhance the look of your teeth. You can see a brighter-colored smile with an even finish. And the bonding can also fill gaps between teeth and reshape irregular or broken teeth. Learn details about what bonding can do for your smile when you visit your dentist.

Construct an Enhanced Oral Aesthetic with Porcelain Veneers

Another way you can improve the appearance of your smile is with porcelain veneers. These are custom-made shells that attach to the front of your teeth. The dentist uses bonding to adhere the fixtures, so you can anticipate a similar process as dental bonding in the dentist’s chair.

However, you will need more than one appointment to complete this process, unlike with teeth bonding. The dentist needs time to build your personalized veneers according to your unique dental needs and facial structure. This approach ensures a look that appears beautiful and natural.

Once in place, veneers will remain for fifteen years or longer with proper care. They resist staining and decay. But you should still practice good oral hygiene to ensure your smile stays healthy enough to support this dental work.

Veneers take longer to receive and cost more than dental bonding. But you can see more enduring and long-lasting results. Discuss your preferences with your dentist to find which dental treatment can suit your goals best. The dentist will also consider your comfort level in their chair and your budget when determining your treatment plan.