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Teeth Whitening Midland, TX

Do you have stained teeth? Are you looking for a dental treatment that can brighten your smile? Transform your smile at your leisure with teeth whitening in Midland, TX.

From creamy coffee to delicious berries, many of the finer things in life can leave your teeth looking yellow and dull. While you may initially turn to store-bought whitening kits, it won’t take long for you to realize they deliver lackluster results at best. Fortunately, there is a way you can effectively transform your smile at your leisure: take-home whitening treatments! Dr. Michael Courter helps countless patients lift stubborn stains with this popular cosmetic dentistry service.

Dr. Michael Courter provides his patients with professional teeth whitening treatment in Midland, TX. Professional teeth whitening treatment can brighten tooth enamel by many shades in a single session. Whitening your teeth can create a younger-looking smile and improve your confidence. Keep reading to discover the common causes of tooth discoloration, and how you can brighten your smile at home.

Teeth Whitening Treatment in Midland, Texas

Common Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Stained, yellowed, or discolored teeth are that way due to a variety of reasons:

  • Tobacco Products: Cigarettes, vapes, and other tobacco or nicotine products can cause the teeth to appear yellow. Nicotine and tar that are in tobacco turn yellow when combined with oxygen. This is the reason why the teeth become discolored after smoking or using tobacco.
  • Poor Oral Hygiene: Not brushing and flossing the teeth and gums twice a day can cause tooth discoloration. Food debris and plaque, a sticky film caused by bacteria buildup, can discolor teeth.
  • Foods and Beverages: Pigmented foods and beverages, including tea, coffee, wine, berries, and tomato-based products, can cause tooth stains. These foods and beverages contain chromogens, pigmented compounds that can easily stick to the tooth enamel.
  • Medications and Medical Conditions: Certain medications like antihistamines, antibiotics, blood pressure medications, and antipsychotics may discolor the teeth. Additionally, patients with celiac disease, rickets, calcium deficiencies, or metabolic diseases may be more prone to sudden tooth discoloration.

To stay on track with your smile, schedule routine dental appointments, keep up with your oral hygiene routine, avoid tobacco products, and take note of your current medications. If you are unhappy with your discolored teeth, ask us about your whitening options.

How Take-Home Teeth Whitening Treatment Works

Take-home teeth whitening treatments are easy to use and deliver beautiful results. This treatment allows our patients to gradually whiten their smiles in the comfort of their own homes.

Once we confirm that you are a candidate and learn all about your smile goals at your initial consultation, we will provide you with custom-fitted trays and a powerful whitening kit. Together, they will deliver dramatic results you just won’t find with diluted, one-size-fits-all alternatives. Plus, our take-home treatments can remove stains both above and below the surface of your enamel, resulting in a noticeably whiter smile in just two weeks in many cases!

First, we will take dental impressions of your teeth to fabricate custom whitening trays. Once the trays are complete, we provide you with the whitening kit that includes their trays and whitening gel. We will also advise patients on how long they should wear their trays daily.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Investing in professional teeth whitening comes with a number of benefits, including:

  • Quick results.
  • Safe and non-invasive service.
  • Treatment considers both your smile and oral health.
  • Whitening products are completely customized, significantly reducing tooth sensitivity.
  • Effectively lift stubborn stains and discoloration from the comfort of your own home.

Other Teeth Whitening Solutions

However, not all staining responds to traditional whitening treatment. Deeper stains require different solutions. Dental bonding and porcelain veneers are both options to take care of deeply stained teeth. Porcelain veneers are a permanent restoration that covers the front and sides of your tooth. They’re made of thin shells of durable porcelain ceramic. We make the material match the shade of white that you desire for your smile. However, once porcelain veneers are applied, these teeth will always need a restoration.

Dental bonding is a more economical solution. It’s also temporary, if you’re not ready for a permanent restoration. Bonding material is malleable and easily color-matched to the shade you’re looking for. The dentist molds the bonding material into the shape of your tooth, so that it covers the front. When you’re satisfied, the material is hardened with a special light and we polish it to match the sheen of your natural teeth.

How to Maintain Your Results

Once you see your new and improved smile firsthand, you’ll want the results to last as long as possible! To do so, it is key that you implement the below oral hygiene best practices:

  • Brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice a day.
  • Treat flossing as important as brushing.
  • Prioritize your six-month dental checkups and cleanings.
  • Quit poor dental habits, like smoking.
  • Limit dark-colored foods and beverages, like coffee.
  • Keep up with touch-up treatments as needed to prolong your results.

Does it sound like an at-home teeth whitening treatment is the smile-transforming service that you are looking for? Then get in touch with our team today to schedule your initial consultation! We would love to help you make your dream smile a reality. Call Dr. Courter for comfortable teeth whitening treatments at 432-287-9531. You can also schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Courter online. Please let us know if you have any specific questions or concerns about your whitening options. We are happy to help you.