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How to Avoid Tooth Loss

Your teeth endure pressure from chewing and biting without issue usually. But under duress, your teeth could fall out of their sockets. Missing teeth will make you struggle with your usual oral functions. Plus, you could face further oral health problems stemming from tooth loss. And gaps in your smile can disrupt your smile aesthetic.

Your dentist can help you replace missing teeth with personalized restorative dental treatment. But ideally, you should protect your natural dental structure for as long as possible. This means prioritizing preventative oral health care. Find tips from your dentist for preserving your smile and reducing your risk of tooth loss by reading more.

How to Avoid Tooth Loss

Wear Protective Oral Appliances

An accident such as a blow to the face may happen to anyone. But if you engage in high-impact sports, you know you are entering a situation where this danger is higher than usual. Therefore, you should take preventative measures so that if a blow does come toward your mouth, you have protection in place.

You can ask your dentist about receiving a custom-made mouthguard. This oral appliance will fit over your teeth and cushion them in the event of accidental high-impact contact to the face.

It will absorb impact trauma so that you will reduce the chance of knocking out a tooth. And the personalized fit of the appliance means that you do not have to worry about it slipping out of place and disrupting your athletic performance.

If you do accidentally knock out a tooth, take swift action and go to your dentist’s office right away. You have a greater chance of saving the tooth when you receive emergency dental care within an hour of this injury.

Sometimes your teeth can suffer abnormal and dangerous pressure outside of an athletic event. You may even have a subconscious oral habit like teeth grinding or clenching that creates enough pressure that may hurt your teeth as you sleep. If this sounds familiar, talk to your dentist about the benefits of wearing a night guard to preserve your smile.

Adhere to Good Oral Hygiene Habits

The leading cause of tooth loss in adult dental patients is gum disease. This infection of the gum tissue will deteriorate the gums, which serve to keep your teeth in place in your mouth. When the disease advances, bacteria also eat away at the tooth root and jawbone to the point that the tooth can fall out of its socket.

A dentist can treat gum disease with periodontal therapy. But ideally, you should prevent contracting the infection in the first place. This means practicing good, consistent, and thorough oral hygiene.

This regimen scrubs away plaque and other harmful particles that may weaken your teeth. Lingering residues also allow bacteria to spread and heighten your risk of oral infections like gum disease. Do not skip brushing your teeth and flossing. Make sure you also attend routine dental cleanings to maximize oral hygiene benefits.