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Root Canal Therapy – Midland, TX

Stop Your Tooth Infection
from Spreading

Woman in need of root canal therapy holding jaw

Do you have a severe toothache that’s accompanied by swelling or a fever? It could mean that your tooth has become severely infected. If it’s left alone, the infection could spread to other areas; you might also need to have the tooth extracted. Fortunately, in many cases root canal therapy can be used to remove the source of the infection, saving the tooth and preventing further damage. Contact Dr. Courter’s dental office today if you’ve noticed severe oral pain that won’t go away we'll help with root canal therapy in Midland, TX.

Why Choose Dr. Michael Courter for Root Canal Therapy?

  • Save Your Natural Teeth
  • Treatment from a Caring Dentist
  • Natural-Looking Crowns Available

Will Root Canal Therapy Hurt?

Woman receiving root canal therapy

It’s a common myth that root canal therapy is particularly painful; in truth, many patients have said that it’s no worse than getting a filling. We can use modern tools and techniques to make sure you stay as comfortable as possible during the therapy. For example, we can use different forms of dental sedation to keep you calm. After the procedure, you might experience some discomfort, but it’s generally mild, and over-the-counter medication is usually enough to keep it under control.

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