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Don’t Ignore Periodontal Problems

Gum disease affects approximately half of all American adults above the age of 30. Though this infection of the gum tissue is prevalent, many patients do not realize that this disease could permanently damage their smiles if it advances.

It could also impact their overall well-being. Recent research in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology suggests that individuals with gum disease could have a greater chance of suffering severe complications from COVID-19. Inflamed gums contribute to the body’s inflammatory response, heightening the risk of medical concerns.

Taking care of your gums is more important than ever. You should continue visiting your dentist for routine dental cleanings and exams. Dr. Michael Courter, a dentist practicing in Midland, TX, describes the importance of seeking preventative care and treatment for periodontal concerns as soon as you can.

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Do I Have Gum Disease?

The early stage of gum disease, gingivitis, often presents with recognizable symptoms. These patients may experience bleeding, swelling, or soreness in their gums.

Though these issues may occur if individuals brush their teeth too harshly, persistent symptoms may signify periodontal disease. If the disease progresses, you may notice bad breath, the recession of gum tissue, and other problems that may lead to structural damage. Gum disease may impact the root of your teeth below the gum line and cause tooth loss.

However, not every individual will have noticeable symptoms if they have contracted gum disease. For this reason, you should continue to schedule routine appointments with your dentist for periodontal screenings. Prompt diagnosis of this disease will make it easier to eradicate it and protect your oral health.

How Will My Dentist Treat Periodontal Disease?

If your dentist determines that you have gum disease, they will begin treatment within this same appointment. They will thoroughly clean excess plaque, tartar, and bacterial build-up from your smile, especially deep in the gum pockets. This extensive cleaning method is referred to as scaling and root planing.

With gingivitis, your dentist will likely recommend that you rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash to keep the infection at bay. This will balance the natural bacteria in your mouth, alleviating inflammation in the gum tissue and lowering your risk of worsening the infection.

For more advanced cases of periodontal disease, you may need surgical intervention in order to remove damaged gum tissue. If periodontitis has negatively affected the structure of your teeth and gums, you can work with your dentist on a personalized plan to restore your smile.

Get Prompt Periodontal Disease Treatment in Midland, TX

Dr. Courter provides treatment for periodontal disease and other dental concerns in patients in Midland, TX. Our practice specializes in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, including tooth replacement solutions, for patients of all ages.

If you feel nervous about upcoming dental work, ask your dental professional about sedation dentistry options. To schedule a consultation or appointment with our team of experts, contact our staff by phone at 432.287.9531 or reach our office online.